43MW Mini Hydro Power Plants (MHPP), Sri Lanka - As Developer, Owner and Operator

WKV Hydro Technic (Private) Limited Group

An operating company as a subsidiary of CES, we have 13 MHPPs supplying electricity to the national utility board. The local company is the largest with 13 plants and represent 12% market share in the industry. We are also an active member of the MHPP association that lobbies for the benefits for the sector.

We also have in-house expertise to build, own and operate mini hydro plants, and are exploring other renewable energy projects in Sri Lanka. Map of the respective MHPPs as such:

Name of our subsidiaries and plants as below:

Company Name MHPP
WKV Hydro Technics (Pvt) Ltd 1 Pathaha Oya
2 Gampolawalakada
3 Nakkawita
4 Way Ganga
5 Barcaple Phase I
6 Barcaple Phase II
7 Guruluwana
Math Hydro Power (Pvt) Ltd 8 Bogandana (Weli Oya)
Upcountry Power Supply International (Pvt) Ltd 9 Wewalwatta I
10 Wewalwatta II
Hynford Water Power (Pvt) Ltd 11 Kalupahana Oya
Falcon Valley Hydro (Pvt) Ltd 12 Falcon Valley
Thannewatha Mini Hydro Power Holdings (Pvt) Ltd 13 Thannawetta

Prospects of Sri Lanka Renewable Energy Market

Public Utilities Commission of Sri Lanka (PUCSL), the regulator of the industry and Ceylon Electricity Board (off-taker) alerted that as a result of the low reliability of the Norochcholai coal-fired key power plant and delays in completion of other power plants, Sri Lanka could face energy and capacity shortages in 2018-2019 and beyond under drought conditions even with planned plant additions.

Sri Lanka is among the 43 countries of the Climate Vulnerable Forum that agreed to make their electricity generation mix from 100% renewable energy as rapidly as possible and by 2050 at the latest. There is a high potential for growth in Sri Lanka's renewable energy market. Solar and wind technologies are expected to make up bulk of the electricity generation mix by 2050.