2 x 70MW Solar PV Power Plant, Rajasthan, India - As Developer, Owner and Operator

Rising Sun Energy Private Limited Group

An operating company as a joint venture of CES, we have commenced for full Commercial Operation Date in December 2017. Plants are situated in Bhadla Solar park which is an allocated concentrated zone of development for solar power facilities which help to de-risk project development by driving down implementation time and cost of projects. Economies of scale is also achieved through the use of common facilities.

Prospects of India Renewable Energy Market

India can take the lead in driving the energy transformation both regionally and globally with one of the largest, and most ambitious, renewable energy programmes anywhere in the world. It has set a target of 175 GW of installed renewable energy capacity by 2022, including 100 GW of solar, 60 GW of wind, 10 GW of biomass and 5 GW of small hydropower.

India's moves to address the financial health of its utilities and tackle grid-integration issues drive a more optimistic forecast. By 2022, India is expected to more than double its current renewable electricity capacity. For the first time, this growth over the forecast period is higher compared with the European Union.

Solar PV and wind together represent 90% of India's capacity growth as auctions yielded some of the world's lowest prices for both technologies. In some Indian states, recent contract prices are comparable to coal tariffs. India's accelerated case indicates that renewable capacity expansion could be boosted by almost a third, providing that existing grid integration and infrastructure challenges are addressed, policy and regulatory uncertainties are reduced, and costs continue to fall. With this growth India would equal the United States, becoming the joint second-largest growth market after China.